Mica Ring Heaters

EZ Heat mica insulated ring and disc heaters provide dependable and even heat distribution. Constructed with quality components, long useful life has been the hallmark of these designs. Choose from coated carbon steel or stainless steel when selecting for your application. 

Standard and custom designs are available in sizes from 3.5” to 48”. Typical applications range from commercial drink warmers to extrusion die heads, liquid storage tanks and filter assemblies. 

EZ Heat ring and disc heaters are designed using a variety of terminal connections, ie. Studs, quick disconnect, or flexible lead wires. While not one hundred percent hermetically sealed, seams and terminal exits are able to be protected through use of ceramic or RTV coatings.

EZ Heat ring and disc heaters can be designed and produced in voltages as low as 12 VDC and up to 240 VAC.

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