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Cartridge Heaters

EZ Heat high-watt density cartridge heaters are fully swaged and can be applied wherever high temperature cartridge heaters are used. High-watt density cartridge heaters will deliver temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit on the high-temperature alloy sheath. High quality nickel-chromium resistance wire used throughout assures reliable performance at elevated temperatures. Nickel pins or leads are swaged into the ceramic end cap, at the lead end of the cartridge. Standard 10” nickel, 450-degree Celsius fiberglass-insulated leads with insulation rated at 300 or 600 volts are supplied, optional lead types are available. High-purity magnesium oxide cores and filler materials swaged to rock-hard condition provide superb dielectric strength, while conducting maximum heat from the nickel chrome resistance coil. Metric and inch based dimensions are available.

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